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Needs Any Repairing Service for your Console or Controller?

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Repair Terms & Conditions

Prepare your Repair order by packing all items as per your order – View Packaging Instructions Once we receive your device, it should take 5-7 business days for it to be repaired. An email will be sent, when your device is repaired and will include details for your repair order payment. Your device is returned within 1-2 business days, once payment is received

Gamingdunia's console, controller repair service will have your device up and working again, just book your Game Console, Controller Repair pickup and we will take care of the rest.

  • Professional Repair
  • You pay after your Console, Controller is fully repaired
  • All Repairs come with 1 Month Warranty
  • Free Pickup & Delivery

Repair completion time is approximately 5-7 business days, after we receive your console/controller.

>We send you an invoice, once your console, controller is fully repaired and your console is returned within 1-2 business days, once payment is received

The repair price estimated at the time of checkout includes repair services, parts, & labor required to repair the initial issue you have selected. If (after the initial repair is completed) your item requires additional repairs to function 100%, our team will contact you, before any repairs are performed. Please read our Terms & Conditions page for more details.

All Gaming Consoles repair having 1 month warrenty of repaired issue after delivery.

All Gaming Controllers repair having 7 days warrenty of repaired issue after delivery.

Packaging Tips

Packaging Instructions for Gaming Consoles

  • If you have the original box you can easily use that one (if it is not damaged). If not, make sure you get a box according to the dimensions of the console.
  • Make sure the console is protected using either original inside protective packaging that comes with the console, lots of foam or lots of bubble wrap.
  • Put tape on the corners and edges to seal the box.

Packaging Instructions for Gaming Controllers

  • Wrap at least two rounds of bubble wrap or many layers of newspaper around your product. Include all components in the package (original game box, disc etc)
  • After bubble wrapping the product, add a bit of sticky tape to the corners of the case for extra protection.
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Gadget Pickup

Our delivery agent will pick up the device from your doorstep and will carry it safely.


Our team of experts will diagnose your problem & will provide you the quote and repair it accordingly.

Delivery & Payment

The product will be delivered back to you by repairing it completely as per the diagnosis.